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por Olympus Mons, em 14.03.16



Click on Links for an update version - 2018 Revised Version - R1b from Shulaveri-Shomu to Bell Beaker.pdf



New - Shulaverian Hypothesis in Maps  -




The Shulaverian Hypothesis 

Shulaverian Hypothesis


And they told everyone. We are the ones that fled an attack of serpents (Ubaid).


Shulaveri-Shomu is the birth of the R1b expansion!

por Olympus Mons, em 09.January.2016

*the European dominance of Y-dna Haplogroup R1b had its origin in a very specific culture of the Caucasus the Shulaveri-Shomu, Not Yamna, nor Maikop, nor Kura arexes… no! Places like Kwemo-Kartli and Mentesh Tepe are the true Urheimat (homeland) of all western Europeans…”….



Preface - Why the Shulaveri-Shomu were our R1B forefathers.

My take on it…                                                                        

 Chapter I - ....and then they came

Who the Shulaveri were and why they had to flee

Chapter II - The African Route

In the beginning it looked like the hardest and it turn out to be the most fun

Chapter II .1- The ones that flew North

Chapter II .2- The ones that flew West

 Chapter III - Pumped out by the Sahara

Based on 5.9 kiloyear event there is no doubt people had to flee to Iberia

 Chapter IV - The Oestrimni Civilization

Bell beaker had a name. It was the Oestrimni that the greek always called them.



 Suppl 1 - They, who Fled the serpents

It was so obvious. They told everyone what happened!

 Suppl 2 - In Egypt, Trying to find some Peace

Little places and time ,Tel Tsaf, Merinde….. it was them.

 Suppl 3 - Exodus to Iberia

If not in Tassili and Accacus, then no where else.


Bibliography (for all chapters and supplements)

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De Abou a 27.05.2016 às 15:57


I arrived at the same conclusion as yours. Please have a look at the following link:

Best regards,
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De olympus Mons a 29.05.2016 às 11:10

Hi Abou. I will. i took a look at and seems pretty good. Will read it out as soon as i can.

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