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por Olympus Mons, em 14.03.16

Preface - Why the Shulaveri-Shomu were our R1B forefathers.

My take on it…

 Chapter I - ....and then they came

Who the Shulaveri were and why they had to flee

Chapter II - The African Route

In the beginning it looked like the hardest and it turn out to be the most fun

 Chapter III - Pumped out by the Sahara

Based on 5.9 kiloyear event there is no doubt people had to flee to Iberia

 Chapter IV - The Oestrimni Civilization

Bell beaker had a name. It was the Oestrimni that the greek always called them.





 Suppl 1 - They, who Fled the serpents

It was so obvious. They told everyone what happened!

 Suppl 2 - In Egypt, Trying to find some Peace

Little places and time ,Tel Tsaf, Merinde….. it was them.

 Suppl 3 - Exodus to Iberia

If not in Tassili and Accacus, then no where else.

 Suppl 4 - Early Scouts (Meeting the Muge People?)

Supl 5 - Oestrimni (rightfull name of the Bell Beakers)

Suppl 6 - Of Round dwellings and Castros





 Horse Baffling Problem

Amazing, how it got them all confused.

Blades and Arrows Chapter

From the start it was their mastery


Those genetic haplogroups are clear

 Master of Wine Making

Intaveriatal casts are telling


Bibliography (for all chapters and supplements)







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De Abou a 27.05.2016 às 15:57


I arrived at the same conclusion as yours. Please have a look at the following link:

Best regards,
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De olympus Mons a 29.05.2016 às 11:10

Hi Abou. I will. i took a look at and seems pretty good. Will read it out as soon as i can.

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